Training – Statement of Intent

/Training – Statement of Intent
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Provision of training

Dunkeswell Parish Council is committed to ensuring its staff and councillors are trained to the highest standard and kept up to date with all new legislation.  To support this, funds are allocated to a training budget each year, this would be greater in an election year to allow for new councillors courses) to enable staff and councillors to attend events as follows:

  • Training courses (chairmanship, new councillor, clerks, new legislation etc)
  • Conferences (relevant to their office)
  • Tree Warden conferences, events and safety training
  • Foot Paths representative conferences, events and safety training

In addition there are short in-house briefings as part of our monthly meeting agenda (at no financial cost) and topical speakers are invited twice yearly to our ward meetings.

Training needs assessment

Dunkeswell Parish Council employs one part-time clerk as required for functions.  Training needs will therefore cover many different areas and impose additional training responsibilities on the council in managing the health, safety and welfare of our staff member and councillors.

The Chairman is responsible for monitoring and meeting the training needs of staff and managing the budget.  Staff training will be identified by the Chairman through the annual appraisal process and the cost and training provider investigated.  A training schedule is then be prepared and submitted to the council for approval to ensure the training is relevant and fit for purpose.


Training requirements for councillors will usually be identified by the Chairman and Clerk and opportunities to attend courses will be investigated by the Clerk and brought to the attention of the full council.

The principles of the National Training Strategy for Town and Parish Councils, are recognised as an excellent strategy for both administrative staff and councillors. The current clerk has completed the ‘Working With Your Council’ course and ‘Cilca’ and Local Policy Certificate, any new clerk would be required to do the same.

The Council pays the annual subscription to the Devon Association of Parish Councils (DAPC) to enable staff and councillors to take advantage of their excellent training courses and conferences.


The Clerk is expected to attend all relevant training days whenever possible and councillors will be expected to attend training days which are relevant to their office.

New councillors will have an induction meeting with the Clerk at their convenience and will be provided with an information pack containing the documents as set out on the attached list.

It is recognised that it may be difficult for some councillors to attend training during the daytime because of their work commitments.   Councillors will, however, still be encouraged to attend training provided by its partner authorities and DAPC and attend conferences whenever possible.  In-house training during an evening will be considered wherever possible, to enable all councillors to attend.

All training undertaken will be evaluated by the Chairman to gauge its relevance, content and appropriateness.   All training presentation papers will be retained and used for in-house training and information sharing.



  1. The Good Councillors Guide
  2. Briefing for New Councillors
  3. Members List
  4. About Being A Parish Councillor
  5. Training Statement of Intent
  6. Meetings Timetable
  7. The Parish Councils (Model Code of Conduct) Order 2007 (SI 1159)
  8. Estimates
  9. Standing Orders
  10. Financial Regulations
  11. Committee Terms of Reference
  12. Parish Council Powers
  13. Data Protection Policy
  14. Equal Opportunities Policy
  15. Health & Safety Policy
  16. Disaster Recovery Plan
  17. Community Engagement Strategy
  18. Information Leaflets

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