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Dunkeswell is part of the Honiton Rural Policing Team

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Current Top Local Priorities for your neighbourhood are as follows:

You Said: 26 Jan 2016 – Concerns about Speeding in Rural Honiton.We did: UPDATE 26 Jan 2016 Latest updateA number of Speed Detection visits have taken place at the following locations by the Neighbourhood Team during  2015In addition to this the Safety Camera Partnership also attends.The following are the results from the Neighbourhood team for 2015Awliscombe– 2 reported for excess speed, 10 verbal warnings for excess speed and on 4 visits NO excess speed.

Honiton Road Dunkeswell– 4 reported for excess speed, 8 verbal warnings for excess speed and on 5 visits NO excess speed.

Smeatharpe– 18 reported for excess speed, 22 verbal warnings for excess speed and on 1 visit NO excess speed.

In addition to the local neighbourhood team conducting speed detection, the “Camera Safety Partnership” also attend Dulford on A373, Dunkeswell and Smeatharpe and conduct their own speed enforcement.

You Said:26 Jan 2016Residents from the rural communities are concerned about thefts of machinery from sheds and outbuildingsWe did:UPDATE 26 Jan 2016 Latest UpdateThe Rural Neighbourhood Team continues to visit victims of Non Dwelling Burglaries which involves operation “Stop A Thief” (loaning alarms to the farming community) – For more details see attachment on the Neighbourhood front page under the link “About Your Neighbourhood”.

In Rural Honiton we have loaned alarms to over 200 people since its introduction in 2009.

Anyone interested in finding out more about this can contact us at Honiton Police Station.

The object of this was to carry out stop checks on vehicles for road worthiness, driving and document offences.

Officers teamed up with specialists officers from the road crime unit with colleagues from the Environment Agency, HM Customs and Excise and the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) as part of Operation Mascot.

stables and four regular officers started their patrols from Axminster Police Station, covering the Devon, Dorset and Somerset border areas.

On the morning of Friday 22ndMay 2015, Police from the Honiton Neighbourhood Team ran a special operation at

  • Dunkeswell
  • Sidmouth Rd Honiton

The object of this was to carry out stop checks on vehicles for road worthiness, driving and document offences.

Officers teamed up with colleagues from the HM Customs and Excise and the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) as part of Operation Mascot.

64 motor vehicles were stropped which led to four traffic offences (Excess speed, No seat belts, no insurance) and six vehicles prohibited in relation to various vehicle defects

On Monday 17 August 2015 officers from Axminster, Honiton and Lyme Regis Neighbourhood Police Team joined up with operatives from VOSA, HM Revenue & Customs and the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency for Operation Mascot.

The objective of the operation is to target vehicle related offences in our area and improve safety on our roads. We were located on the A35 at The Hunters Lodge Inn Car park.

Throughout the morning over 50 vehicles were stopped and checked, 14 of these vehicles were given prohibitions by VOSA. 1 Vehicle was fined on the spot of £544 for using red diesel.


On Monday 12th October, 2015 neighbourhood teams were joined by VOSA and HMRC for a joint agency operation targetting travelling criminals and unroadworthy vehicles in our force area. The aim of the operation is to make the roads safer for everyone whilst cracking down on persistant offenders.

The Operation took place in Dunkeswell and Newton Poppleford. The results are as follows;

In total 33 vehicles were stop checked.

2 were issued immediate notices by VOSA.

1 was issued a delayed notice issued by VOSA.

1 male was arrested for a drink driving offence after providing a positive breath test at the road side.

1 vehicle tested positive for red diesel.

2 tickets were issued for drivers not wearing seat belts.


On Monday, 9thNovember 2015, officers from Honiton, Axminster and Sidmouth neighbourhood police teams joined forces with VOSA and HMRC Revenue & Customs for operation mascot.

Stop checks were carried out at locations in Axminster and Sidmouth and a total of 60 vehicles were stopped.

Of those 60,

42 were checked for red diesel and all found to be in order.

9 vehicles were given prohibition notices.

3 were given officer seen conditional officers for lighting defects.

1 driver with no insurance.

There was also 1 HGV driver who was dealt with for having no HGV license.

Operation Mascot will continue as officers stress the importance of making sure your vehicle is roadworthy, particularly as the winter months close in.


Tuesday 26th January 2016 Neighbourhood Police Officers from Honiton, Axminster, Sidmouth and Seaton y carried out vehicle stop checks in partnership with colleagues from the Vehicle Inspectorate and HMRC as part of Operation Mascot. This operation is regularly run by Rural East Devon sector neighbourhood teams and targets unroadworthy vehicles, anti-social drivers and travelling criminals.

Todays operation was centred around Dunkeswell and Monkton near Honiton and as a result;

1 driver was dealt with by HMRC for using ‘red’ diesel in their vehicle with a £500 penalty

2 immediate and 1 delayed prohibitions were issued by the Vehicle Inspectorate

1 driver issued with a Vehicle Rectification form for an illegal vehicle registration plate.

Over 35 vehicles were stopped in total with very minor issues being dealt with by words of advice.


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