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Each year in November/December a budget is prepared by the clerk, this is presented to the Parish Council for consideration and agreed in January. The Precept is set based on these figures and a request is sent to the District Council for the specified amount. Additional grant funding may be sought for special projects from other bodies (eg for play equipment or Neighbourhood Planning). We are also granted funding each year by Devon County Council as part of their P3 Scheme which allows us to manage our own footpaths and bridleways in partnership with DCC Highways Public Rights of Way department.

The Annual Accounts for each year are prepared by the Clerk in April, then agreed by the council, by June they must be audited by an Internal Auditor (a professional company employed by the parish council) and then immediately submitted to the appointed External Auditor (appointed by the Government Audit Commission).

Below are links to the annual accounts(prior years and internal/external audit reports are all available on request)

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