The Annual Parish Meeting (APM) is held usually in May at the Throgmorton Community Hall in Culme Way. The ‘APM’ is not a Parish Council meeting. It is a meeting of the parish electors which must take place between 1st March and 1st June. Electors can contribute to the agenda and we encourage local groups and organisations to make a report, we also use this meeting to air current issues in the community. The chairman of the parish council, any two councillors or any six electors can call the Annual Parish or Town Meeting. The Parish Council Chairman, if present, will chair the meeting.

It might be worth noting that the Parish Council also have an Annual General Meeting (AGM) in may to elect a chairman, vice chairman and other roles, this is not the same meeting, but can be a little confusing if unexplained!

Each year an Annual report is published after the Annual Parish Meeting (as well as minutes) which details the content of the meeting and makes a rather nice record of all we achieve as a community each year (see below for past years Annual Reports).

Dunkeswell Annual Report 2017

Minutes 2017 Annual Parish Meeting 

Dunkeswell Annual Report 2016

Minutes 2016 Annual Parish Meeting

Dunkeswell Annual Report 2015

Minutes 2015 Annual Parish Meeting

Dunkeswell Annual Report 2014

Minutes 2014 Annual Parish Meeting

Dunkeswell Annual Report 2013

Minutes 2012 Annual Parish Meeting

Dunkeswell Annual Report 2011

Dunkeswell Annual Report 2010

Dunkeswell Annual Report 2009

Minutes 2009 Annual Parish Meeting